Leon Dumas

Former first mate and current captain of The Sea Dragon


Age: 25
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6’4
Weight: 220 lbs


Leon Dumas was born to a family of aristocrats but when he turned 16 his father died and a year later he was forced out of his home by his evil step-father. Leon tried to make a life for himself as a farmhand but he quickly grew bored of it. One day while at a tavern he met a group of Rangers and decided that he wanted to go out on adventures with them. He traveled with them for roughly 6 years until he was noticed by the King for his work in helping rid a pack of goblins from the royal academy of magic. Leon was asked to join the King’s military and was eventually placed on The Sea Dragon as its first mate. Leon consistently clashed with its captain, a half-orc named Twildor who viewed Leon as a threat to his leadership, and in his words “was not a true seaman or pirate”. While on an expedition into the desert west of Fashtri in The Temple of Rai Sen Zula, Leon was witness to a plot against the king by Captain Twildor and vowed to stop him. He was paralyzed by a spell cast by Twildor so he asked some of the crew members who were there as well to stop the captain. Once Twildor was killed Leon was promoted to captain of The Sea Dragon by the King.

Leon Dumas

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