Former captain of The Sea Dragon


Age: 30 (deceased)
Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Height: 6’1
Weight: 280 lbs.


Early Life

Twildor was born to an Orc woman and a human male. Its not often that a human male sleeps with a female Orc, but when alcohol is involved almost anything can happen. Twildor grew up among other Orc’s until the age of 12 when his village was ransacked by pirates. He was taken by the pirates and forced to be their slave for five years, until the night he sneaked into the captains quarters and slit his throat. After that, Twildor took over as captain of The Sea Dragon and led its crew on many adventures.

Time as Sea Dragon Captain and his Death

After 10 years of life as a pirate Twildor was called upon by the King to help with a mission involving the rescuing of a ship that he had sent into uncharted waters. Twildor agreed and after a daring battle the lost ship was saved. Twildor was then asked by the King to join his Royal Navy and act as a special operations group. Twildor agreed and brought much wealth and prosperity to his crew. Three years later Twildor and some of his crew discovered some strange ruins on an island. Twildor was the only one to come back and afterwards he was not the same. He became obsessed with finding the Temple of Rai Sen Zula, an ancient king who was obsessed with demons and celestials. After a few months Twildor found the map he needed and headed for the town of Fashtri with his first mate Leon Dumas and a group of his finest crew members. While at the temple Twildor believed that he was given instruction by a glowing orb to kill the King. Leon refused to allow this and asked some of the crew members to stop the captain. Believing that he was destined to rule, Twildor attacked his crew but they were able to kill him. Twildor died on top of the temple and watched as the glowing orb floated back up into the sky.


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